Forsaken - Luna's Howl Quest

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Ok, let's be perfectly honest...THIS IS (almost) THE BEST HAND CANNON! The down side is that it is a VERY lengthy grind, requiring hundreds of kills in the comp playlist (including headshot kills) and much more. Everyone was excited for "3-tap" hand cannons and, with 180 rpm and still being capable of a 3-tap, this gun does not disappoint! The price is scary for sure, but you'll be even scarier behind the sights of this weapon.


Quest includes the following:

  1. Complete 10 competitive matches

  2. 150 hand cannon kills in COMPETITIVE

  3. 200 solar kills in COMPETITIVE

  4. Complete 3 rumble matches

  5. 100 hand cannon precision kills in COMPETITIVE

  6. Reach “Fabled” in the Glory enabled playlist

  7. Return to Shaxx for Luna's Howl reward

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